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Gettysburg Special Fall Meet Registration


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I just got my letter for the special fall meet at Gettysburg and have a couple questions.  1.  The AACA Vehicle #, for vehicles previously entered in an AACA event.  My car has never been to a show yet but it was registered for Hershey, should I use that number or will it be assigned a new number?  2.  I see that we can register online, would it be better to do that or do it by snail mail with the check??



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The number that was issued for your car when it was registered for Hershey should be the correct car number. The number does not change for the car after it is initially assigned by AACA. If you have a paper form, you can register by mail if you wish to do so. I understand that they are giving those who were registered for Hershey the first chance to register. I also see that the online registration is now up on the website, so you could also do that and save a stamp. Either way should get you registered just fine.  If you use the online registration you should find the car already listed so you can select it. I have not used a paper form to register for a National AACA show in quite a few years. 

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