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WTB 1969 Riviera Bucket seats and console


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Go to Riviera specific forum. BUT - keep in mind you are looking at a HUGE project.  I had a 68 Riviera I did a frame off.  It had Bucket Seats and console and you will need to swap out the steering column.  It took me 2 weeks to get the column out and associated. 


How about a compromise?   Buckets seats, mini console, and stay with the column shift.  You may still need to modify the bolt downs for the buckets but that's doable.  Doing a complete swap is not for the faint of heart.

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I have the buckets seats and mini console already in my car, I have bought all the parts to swap the column and console. I have some work to do to get the column ready and paint the column and console the correct color for my interior. I will keep notes and photos when we get started and done,

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I like seeing cars the way they were equipped

from the factory.  Mr. Greymist, your Riviera

is a sporty luxury car even with the original seats.


You can save yourself a lot of effort by keeping

it the way it is.  Put the money you save toward

buying a second collector car!

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I have bucket seats and a shorty console from a '69 Riv I could potentially be interested in parting with. The seats are black with the tracks but they are not power and the seats would have to be redone. The shorty console is black and is not mint but in very good condition. Not interested in shipping though. I was going to convert the bench in my '70 but not sure if this is actually ever gonna happen for me.

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