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1933 plymouth pd fuel tank

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Ok, this weekend has been trying between the fuel sender and fuel tank.  I was hoping to keep what appears to be the original tank after cleaning it.  I used the vinegar and salt formula.  It cleaned the varnish and visible major rust.  Once I started the rinsing, it continued to spit large flakes of rust.  I rinsed and knocked for 3 hours with little improvement.  I dried the tank and the rust flakes became worse.  So I ended up rinsing the interior and exterior in oil to prevent further rusting.


I can get it cleaned for the same cost of a new tank but I'm not sure that the tank won't be too thin afterwards.  It already has the bottom crushed when I bought it.


So I guess my question is to the ones that have replaced or seen replaced tanks. First how well does the fill tube look?  The ones I've seen online look like rubber hoses.  Also, who makes a good quality tank?


Any feedback is appreciated greatly! !

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I had the same issue with the tank in my 34 Dodge Coupe. I replaced it with a repro from Tanks Inc. It's made for the hot rod guys but works for original cars too. It's not identical. If I remember correctly the fuel gauge unit is in a slightly different spot. That didn't cause a problem for me. The filler neck though is 2 pieces with a hose in between. It takes a custom aluminum screw on gas cap that's not vented. Doesn't look quite right. There's a vent in the top of the tank. I ran a hose from this vent up and out of the way. This got my Dodge back on the road. When I get the $$ I will have a new tank made using the old tanks fittings but in the mean time the car is on the road.




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Ken, beautiful cars!  


Thanks for the feedback and I did end up buying a tanks, inc tank and sender.  I had the same thought to get it on the road and figure out the original one at a later time.


I hope to receive this week, the carb and fuel pump rebuild kits from Hal Houghton and the tank and sender.  Once these are completed, on to the brake inspection.  Hoping to have better luck with them.

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