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External windshield wiper motor


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Hi there,  I am wishing to replace the vacuum windshield wiper motor on a 1928 Buick Victoria Coupe.  It needs to be external to avoid interference with wind up windshield, and waterproof.  6 or 12 volt (still 6 volt but I have installed a 12V inverter for accessories).  Any suggestions as to a suitable wiper motor?

Kind regards


Geoff Ward


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I have a 29 Roadster and did some research with Trico years ago and some of the information supplied has 28 model info, included.


Send me an email <Bill@29Buick.ca> and I'll send it to you - too big to put on this site.


Also, try Ficken Wiper Service <www.wiperman.com>.


Bill McLaughlin

1929 Silver Anniversary Buick Club

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