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Has this happened to you?: Are you the original owner?

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16 hours ago, gossp said:

I have been present for my father to be asked if he is the original owner of a car 30 (or several more) years older than he is, but my personal favorite interaction with a stranger while out and about was in a 1920 Dodge Brothers. A man had done a lap and a half around our car at a gas station, and then gestured down to the hubcaps: 


“DB! Is this really a Duesen-Berg?”


@gossjh promptly replies:

”yes, and it’s for sale!”

  The hub caps on my Buick have big B, and I get asked often if it's a Bentley or a Rolls Royce?


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A friend of mine, whom I've mentioned before,

really CAN say he's the original owner.  He got

his 1936 Oldmobile 6-cylinder new.


Imagine that a novice asks, "Did you get this car new?"

and being able to say in all earnestness, "Yes,

I will have had it for 85 years this Christmas!"

In the picture he's 95, and he still looks the same

(and goes to the office for half days every morning)

at age 100:


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