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1917 Headlight bezels for sale

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Offering brand new replica of headlight bezel, to fit 1917 D45 Buick, can be also suitable for other years, brands or models, not sure.
Bezels are made from steel sheet (NOT stainless) by proper forming process on a lathe and fit exactly as they should. Tooling is now available so any quantity can be manufactured upon order. They need to be plated or painted, plain finish is supplied.
Overall OD = ~257mm
ID (where it fits over headlight bucket) = ~245mm
ID (looking from the front, where the glass is) = ~194mm
Asking $200 plus shipping for a pair, unfortunately tooling development took some non neglectable effort....
Please contact me on pepcak@volny.cz with any questions you may have.



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Are you going to do anything toward making the inside piece for these?  What you have done so far looks pretty good, but there needs to be the internal piece to hold the rim on the head light bucket.


Terry Wiegand

South Hutchinson, Kansas

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