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'30 model Big 6


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I'm new to this end of auto collecting but what's the best avenue to find the value of a 90 yr. old vehicle?


Been trying to get the approx. value of a '30 model Pontiac Big 6 Coupe that's body & interior are in pretty good condition; exterior finish is intact but faded. Further, the vehicle is presently in driving condition.


Any help is appreciated.

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Some information for you that might be important for a purchaser to know. 


The car has Hotchkiss drive, "Mechanics" universal joints,  "Midland Steeldraulic" brakes, "King Seeley" gasoline gauge  and Jaxon wood spoke wheels that would have been painted from the factory or wire spoked wheels.  The rims on artillery wheels would originally have been cadmium plated.


A 1930 Pontiac could be a Series 6-29A  which is a early 1930 which was a continuation of the 1929 Pontiac referred to in advertising literature as "The New Pontiac Big Six".  Built between August and December of 1929 and has a concave belt molding.  Generally it had the emergency brake on the rear of the transmission.


Or it could be a Series 6-30 B which is considered a "true" 1930 , referred to in advertising as "The New Series Pontiac Big Six" ,was built between January and August 1930 and has a convex belt molding. Generally the emergency brake is connected and operates on the regular four wheel brake drums.


One place you might get an idea of value is here:

https://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/?adtypeFacet=Vehicles for Sale&sort=year_asc&makeFacet=Pontiac


Good Luck   PM (private message" (hover cursor over avatar) me if you need any more help.

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