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Buying a 1969 Hurst Olds, Is VIN legit?


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I'm close to buying a 1969 Hurst Olds. The Vin# I was given is 344879M389441. I have looke for this number on the Hurst Olds page of 550 + vins and it's not there. I saw a document from Judy Badgley declaring the car as authentic with the vin in between some vin#'s on the list. Thoughts?


Thanks for helping


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Keep trying. DK how the plague has affected the H/OCA office but I do know the "editor" email no longer goes to Judy. Try the research library email or 69 advisor Kurt Karch. These people are truly interested in properly documenting and authenticating all Hurst/Oldsmobiles but it might take them some time.

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