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Curious about a thread move?

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Peter G et al,

Just curious about a tread being moved. Most moves I have noticed were obvious to me, and made a lot of sense. The title of this one sounds like it would belong in the "What Is It?" category, however the content to my thinking really does not.



Matt H knew what it was. He was not looking for an identification. He was using the title as a teaser, and the thread to stir interest in his new acquisition. The discussion that followed is very marque oriented, and I thought interesting and entertaining. It seems to me that the "General Discussion" is where it really belongs. 

I was surprised to not see it when I came along early today, but didn't go looking for it (I was tied up with some family stuff). THenlater decided to check the "What Is It?" section as I do occasionally and simply stumbled onto it.

Just me. Just curious.

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