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Wanted : Buick, Chevy, Ford, Merc Convertible- Bakelite Control Valve


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Wanted – 1946-1947-1948 Buick Convertible top Control Valve. Black Bakelite rotating plate with a metal valve body. It's  Located under dashboard with a rod and push-pull knob to raise or lower top. Don’t need the rod. Same valve used on '40's Chevy, Olds, Cad, Merc, others.  Or any info on repro unit? Pete  (413) 426-3729,  peterb1933@aol.com

Control Valve-Conv Top12.JPG

Control Valve-Conv Top11.JPG

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I just bought a 1948 Roadmaster Convertible and am I need of the same part.  It is leaking and covered in fluid and I don’t know what to do. What part of it is prone to leaking and can I rebuild it or is there a kit to rebuild it.  Any suggestions?  I don't understand what the Bakelite portion does but have not seen Bakelite hold up on anything this old especially as a functioning moving part.    Thank you

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