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Parts ID help wanted...

Chris Bamford

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My first time down here in the Chev forum, usually up in the General Discussion and occasionally on Speedsters.


I've just finished overhauling a storage shed and am looking to re-home a stray transmission and identify some hubcaps.


I suspect the transmission is 1928 Chev, as many years ago I purchased and parted a '28 Chev engine to get the OHV head for a possible T Speedster upgrade.


The vintage of these hubcaps is a bit of a mystery, although they may date back to a 1963 Bel-Air I owned many years ago. Overall diameter is 9-1/2", clip diameter is 7-1/2"


Thanks in advance for your help.




Chev? transmission1.jpg

CHev? transmission2.jpg

CHev hubcaps 19??.jpg

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The rear extension does not look like it fits a torque tube.  There fore not Chevrolet as they did not use a hotchkiss driveshaft.  Also Chev transmissions in this era were bolted to, not integral with the cell housing.  Shift tower does not look like 20's GM.

Good luck with your search.

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