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Pair REO Chassis


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For Sale: $1,000 or best offer. (2) partial REO chassis and miscellaneous parts.

Frame #27100 was acquired in the 1970s by a previous owner, who called it a 1917. I recently purchased Frame #30791 in MN for its 4-cyl engine, which I removed. My main focus is on my 1918 T4  and 1921 T6 touring cars.  I don’t have proper storage space for these and would like to see them used.  I’m listing them first as a package as each frame has weaknesses in different areas. If no one is interested in the group, I will eventually part them out separately.

Frame #30791: transmission #17816, rear end #25822, radiator #33711.  Radiator shell, hood, driveshaft, L&R hood base strips, and mudguard aprons in poor condition.

Frame #27100: transmission #11868, rear end #28375.  This frame has (4) Model A wire wheels welded to the REO hubs.  L&R hood base strips and mudguard aprons in poor condition.

I also have miscellaneous parts that range from rough to bad condition that I believe came with Frame #27100.  There is a cowl, radiator shell, pedal assembly, dash panel, and other scraps that may be useful as patterns.  I have many more photos available on request.

Contact me at craig.dusing@gmail.com

Craig Dusing, Milledgeville IL  61051

Frame 27100 Front.jpg

Frame 27100 Rear.jpg

Frame 27100.jpg

Frame 30791 Front.jpg

Frame 30791 Rear.jpg

Frame 30791.jpg

Frames -1.jpg

Frames -2.jpg

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