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1922 Buick radiator cap

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Hello all.  

     I have a 1922 Buick 45. My questions are concerning the radiator cap.  Is this year specific? Could I modify a new one to work? Was the “dog bone” style standard equipment or was that after-market? Thank you all in advance for your time.  


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You should post your Buick questions on the Buick Pre War website.


What came with the car would have been what is shown below.  Sometimes these were drilled out and a motometer installed, or a person bought a dogbone with a motometer.  As rudimentary as a motometer is, it is rare to have an antique car with no temperature indicator at all.  Too easy to burn up a motor.  


It is easier to find the one that fits if it has a motometer and the motometer internal plate says Buick in it.  There is not a new one available.  The thread pitch is different for Buick even though the people selling them list that they will fit a Buick.  Buick is 16 threads per inch.  Buick made 2 sizes of radiator caps.  The only way I was able to know which one was correct was to get people to measure around the cap base.  The motometer sticking down the center prevented them from giving me an ID because none had a micrometer to provide accurate dimensions.   Hugh

247281909_originalcap.jpg.c83c0acb08f4ee5692ed11ac0cdec672.jpg    79295405_Capdimensions16TPI.thumb.JPG.6d4e50fa3569ad9f3ecc5d5f4ce57c96.JPG

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