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57 ball joints - unobtanium

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Just now, avgwarhawk said:

When new the 57's bottoms have 1/16" (.062 ) of up/down free play...   How much free play do you have? 

Haven't gotten that far yet.  Trying to plan ahead.  Since the car is already modified, if I can find some thing better that isn't  a frame swap, I'm open.

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6 minutes ago, avgwarhawk said:

I think it will take a lot($ and modifications) to switch over to something else since this is a 1 year suspension design.  

That may be.  Thought I'd check 1st.  Figured someone might have discovered something similar to using the latee model oil pump or the aluminum drums on earlier cars, etc...

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Found this topic:  


Wish the thread from V8 buick listed within was still active


You can use the spindles and upper and lower control arms from a '59-'60 without the air ride suspension. See this thread:

'57 suspension upgrade

My parts interchange shows:

Lower A arm: Buick '59-'60 (w/o air ride), 1185792 ®, 1185793 (L)

Upper A arm (w/ shaft): Buick '58-'60, 1193956 ®, 1193957 (L)

Spindles: Buick '58-'60, 1388196 ®, 1388197 (L)

Upper ball joints: Buick '58-'60, 1388875 (R or L)

Lower ball joints: Buick '58-'60, 1388876 (R or L)

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