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1934 Ford Roadster For Sale

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Link to photos:       https://photos.app.goo.gl/eHgDX8k93wvjMzxs8

This is a real 1934 Ford Roadster.  Understated elegance.


Built in June of ’34, she’s all stock, no fiberglass, no reproduction sheet metal, and with near all its original components in tact.  And best of all, she really flies down the road. What a blast to drive, take it out of town for the weekend. Absolutely mechanically solid. 



The excellent factory sheet metal is painted in correct Córdoba Grey with Poppy Red pin stripe and powder coated rims.  Firestone Deluxe Champion White walls have full tread, and correct valve stems. Real 1934 items include the iconic grille, bumpers, headlights and cowl lights, windshield, horns, locking spare tire hub cap, and more.

·      Comes with full set of side curtains/irons

·      Repop greyhound, but I know where you can get an excellent one!

·      Rumble seat key is missing



As mentioned, this Roadster is as its name suggests.  I have owned over fifty stock 33/34 Fords over the years.  This Roadster is at the top of the list as far as drivability.  It starts right up, doesn’t die at intersections, accelerates just great.  You get the true feeling of why Clyde Barrow wrote Henry Ford that famous letter.  I got it up to 58 MPH in a heartbeat in the Del Monte Forest the other day, and had plenty of pedal left, but no road left…


The brakes are also stock, which is strange because I actually had to look under the car to make sure, because when I first drove it, I swore they were juice brakes, never had that happen before.  The steering and suspension are excellent, the transmission is a ’39 with Zephyr gears and is super smooth.  A great upgrade. 


·      Electric fuel pump with hidden switch under the dash, just to prime the carb if the car has been sitting a few weeks

·      Battery cut off switch

·      Stainless exhaust with correct muffler

·      Hood holder bracket



Very clean and comfortable while driving, and the rumble seat area is the same.  Has correct walnut burl woodgrained dash, original rare cigar lighter, all gauges work other then the gas gauge.  Proper rare wiper motor, and the correct taupe floor mat is on order.



 Please call with questions, 831-238-8235  $59,500





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