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1937 coupe - Trunk extension and tool tray pics needed

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When I bought my Buick it came with a patch panels to replace the lower trunk opening lip and the tool tray. They are either horrible reproductions or bad attempts to make pieces. Does any vender reproduce these? I need good pics of the tray and the lower trunk lip. As you can see the piece we have is too short and doesn't match the curve of the trunk lid from center to side. 





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i had looked around a bit and thought about taking a chance with some of the EMS ones meant for a '37 Chevy coupe, but something talked me out of it, i think it was going to be dimensionally incorrect and its frustrating to have to cut apart spendy new panels so i made my own stuff. i copy and pasted from my thread here but if you want something more specific, i have more pictures. It was pretty rought, several overlapping patches of varying ages brazed, pop riveted, and sheet metal screwed in place. it was also dimensionally wrong and the trunk and rear fenders hung out passed the panel


48781140673_b75d17f4ea_c.jpg16 by Dan Haas, on Flickr


48781676897_20db74e107_c.jpg18 by Dan Haas, on Flickr


the start of a new tail panel


48897078082_676aa47c42_c.jpg2019-10-14_07-25-15 by Dan Haas, on Flickr


49048847087_0098baf724_c.jpg5 by Dan Haas, on Flickr


49193224503_f36591e5e9_c.jpg6 by Dan Haas, on Flickr


With the patches cut out to fit the new piece, I decided to cut out the inner trunk recess/ flat area where the clamp for the spare tire is, as it was in pretty bad shape and full of old repairs.


49193727341_e3b0e991d1_c.jpg3 by Dan Haas, on Flickr


49193224763_245eedd458_c.jpg2 by Dan Haas, on Flickr


49227706081_eb6ec9eb6b_c.jpg2 by Dan Haas, on Flickr


49227235093_ec2c008f70_c.jpg4 by Dan Haas, on Flickr


49227234908_ef35a38670_c.jpg6 by Dan Haas, on Flickr


this was something that I couldn't really figure out a good way to copy the original with the resources I have, so I decided I just didn't want it to look glaringly out of place when the trunk was open. I am also not quite sure what the recess is for, other than that it seems to just kick down to clear the frame rails, maybe a tool kit area?


49298760022_6f64899733_c.jpgScreenshot_20191229-171149_Gallery by Dan Haas, on Flickr


49338941016_4b37fea70d_c.jpg20200105_120936 by Dan Haas, on Flickr


49338941066_dffd810e07_c.jpg20200105_120941 by Dan Haas, on Flickr


49454497786_eb2f65718a_c.jpg20200126_121941 by Dan Haas, on Flickr


49454729352_ab06f3ab4b_c.jpg20200126_134553 by Dan Haas, on Flickr


49454026868_647c170639_c.jpg20200126_113143 by Dan Haas, on Flickr


49454730487_a7b25dd5e1_c.jpg20200126_113131 by Dan Haas, on Flickr




49157010448_fc8bcd7a81_c.jpg20191201_115237 by Dan Haas, on Flickr


49263638151_84d11bfc57_c.jpg4 by Dan Haas, on Flickr


49157011028_e01f295a1f_c.jpg20191201_111252 by Dan Haas, on Flickr


49157010813_610000b467_c.jpg20191201_111311 by Dan Haas, on Flickr


49648111333_5b4254db69_c.jpg20191123_120223 by Dan Haas, on Flickr


49578597608_a4c21617dd_c.jpg4 by Dan Haas, on Flickr


49157010128_36429cf90c_c.jpg20191201_115826 by Dan Haas, on Flickr



49578597588_fa2721f577_c.jpg5 by


49742190987_fa174fdd1a_c.jpg20200321_194302 by Dan Haas, on Flickr


49779801813_080d22e509_c.jpg20200415_195458 by Dan Haas, on Flickr


49780670872_b39606c6aa_c.jpg20200415_201651 by Dan Haas, on Flickr

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Great pics. I have been following your thread and forgot how detailed it was. Thank you. I am trying to get mine to look sort of stock. I have an Art Morrison frame and will be making new bumper mounts. The thought is to eliminate the holes and bring the brackets up from underneath for a cleaner look that won't rust. 

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Thanks guys, it snowballed a bit since originally, i wasnt planning on doing the inner tray part, but when i started cutting out the outer skin and exposing all the mess that was underneath, it had to be done. it was a frustrating and it took awhile to get it right, but im happy with how it came out,  and i really need to finish the weather stripping perimeter that i've been dragging my feet over. 


that could be cool, were we talking before about breaking up your front bumper or V'ing it something?  Are you using the stock bumpers? A  smooth bumper without the bolt holes or indent line,and mounted from underneath for a floating effect sounds cool and doesn't seem like it would be that hard to make. Maybe like a C shaped bracket with a frame mounting bracket at one end to curl up under the tail pan, thought it may not be all that effective if you get bumped. 

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I love the look of the stock bumpers. Plus the front grill is hard to replace. I may discard the over riders but definitely keeping the bumpers. The goal is to tuck it all in and make it a little "tighter" . I was looking at bumperettes or nerf bars but the '37 and '38 Buicks are too classy for that. I want people to look at my car and unless they look under the hood or at the frame they will think it is stock. 

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Oh yeah, i love the styled line for these yrs. I have both bumpers, but they are completely trashed so ive been on the lookout for a usable set before biting the bullet and try and get them refinished and rechromed since i have a feeling it will be pretty spendy

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I purchased a set of rechromed bumpers for my 1938 Century project from Dave Tacheny. I don't know if he has any other rechromed ones currently but it was cheaper and faster to buy a set from him than it would have been to have a set rechromed. 

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Thanks. I am lucky that in Vancouver we have a fabulous chrome shop nearby in Victoria, BC. https://www.electroshine.com/about/ They have been around for years. The work is fast, reasonably priced and show quality. The work they have done so far on my interior and exterior trim including horn ring has been top notch. I like using one shop for chrome as all the plating has the same shine and "tone" . Electroshine seems to get vintage chrome just right. 



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