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WTB Autolite GCO4801-C generator or parts of same

Gary Parsons

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A 56 Filco truck and bus catalog lists GCO 4801A to D, GCO 4802A to c (which take same points and CE bushing) and GCO4803A to 8A, which take different points but same bushing...both sets of points are either common or Filko has "universal" sets...

My 36-49 Motor cars manual  lists a raft of GCOs, including 4801B anC, 4802, 4802A to C...don't know if any of those are close enough to have the same parts you need and/or be a drop-in replacement for yours.;..  

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Thanks to both of you for comments. I have plenty of brush sets and some brush springs. I do NOT need a pulley but the armature, field coils and field blocks are of interest.  The field coils are GCO1007 and GCO1005. The curved blocks of steel in the field coils is GCO29 and called a pole piece.Thanks, Gary

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