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Transmission dip stick TH400

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I don't know off the dipstick for a 1965 BJ ST400  would be the same but I have a dipstick in a transmission. The dipstick is broken off right at the top of the tube. But it still has the rubber seal and the stop for the seal. (Keeps junk out.) If it will do you any good, the full mark is 24" from the stop on the stick. Maybe until you find the correct one, you can use these measurements to find one that will work.  Here are a couple of pictures. One picture is what I imagine is the part number.  








Stuff stored in the shed doesn't get cleaned 😎 as you can see.

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Hi Ed -thanks much for the reply. That is exactly what happened to mine this afternoon ! Checking the level and the ring broke off . That is the correct part number btw . My transmission is a BS but suspect they are all the same in that series . I’ll keep looking - gotta be one out there . Thanks 


ROA 14559

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