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Steering Gear Pitman Shaft Seal Replacement - '53 w/Pwr Str

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Anyone in the group replace their power steering gear pitman shaft seal? I've cleaned the exterior of the one in my '53 and the only place consistently wet is where the shaft exits the bottom of the gear box. The part number (Group 6.855, p/n 270289 packing) looks to be shared with Chevy, Olds & Cadillac so hopefully a replacement won't be difficult to find. I have the shop manual and it appears the seal can be replaced by removing the pitman arm and a retaining clip around the shaft. I'd sure appreciate some feedback from anyone who has gone thru this procedure. Thanks.

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pontiac1953, thanks for the suggestion. I got this reply back from powersteering.com: "Chip retired over 4 years ago. Also, if its ATF leaking from the pitman shaft seal, then it requires a rebuild. Because Its an indication the seal between the power section and the manual section has failed. This can only be replaced with a complete disassembly of the gearbox. If its gear oil leaking out, then you may try your fix, though I can't confirm if the seal you reference is the correct one or not."


For now, I'll put up with the leak.

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