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Need Help with Assembling Hood Handle and Frame 1948 Buick

Sir Gonzo

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One of the hood handle frames on my '48 Roadmaster is cracked (surprise, surprise) so I bought a new frame to replace it. However, the handle is attached to the frame at the pivot point with a pin. Does anyone know how to remove that pin? Is there a certain tool that you need to remove it? Which would be better equipped to swap out the frame: a mechanic or body shop?


I've attached some pictures for reference. There's the frame and then a picture with a set of handles. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of the assembly together showing the pin (only what it looks like when it's on the hood), but the pin would go in the hole that you see in the handles which correspond to holes on the back of the frame.




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Thanks for coming back and telling us how you did it.  There are times non of us have the direct experience and so no one responds because no one wants to be responsible for bad advice.  Glad you were able to make it work.  

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