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Mid 1930s Packard?


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A photo taken at Macraes Flat in Otago, New Zealand, in the early 1960s.  No information on the exact date or the occasion. Those yellow plates were only used from mid 1961 to mid 1964.


I think the black car on the left is a Packard. It has suicide doors front and rear so is either a 1935 120, or possibly because it has a moulding around the running board rubber maybe it is a bigger series car from up to a year later.  


I think I am right in thinking the 120 got regular front doors for '36 and the big cars got them for '37.


There was always a small number of pre WW2 cars here, but by the 1950s and 1960s our market was dominated by British cars. Visible here are a Standard 10 (blue and fawn), a Ford 8 and an Austin A30.


Of course that all changed a few years later with many more cars coming out of Australia, and the Japanese invasion form the 1970s on.


Not too far from this site is the Macraes Mine, opened in 1990, the largest gold mine in NZ.  


60s Macraes.jpg



60s Macraes (2).jpg

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