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I had one on my Whippet and sold it with the radio awhile back.

The antenna was just an aftermarket item that was mounted on a 90 degree angle bracket and was bolted to the running board. It was mounted in the very inside of the running board and wasn't visible easily.  The antenna wire came out the bottom and was routed to the dash board area.

Shouldn't be too difficult to manufacture.



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I did mine similar to Bill's.

Used one of the short rubber fender mount types, and mounted it under the fender just ahead of the sidemount, using it's support bracket.

No one has found it yet, and we've been to several car shows this summer with a lot of lookers.


Mike in Colorado

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Hey gang I just bought one of the new digital hd antennas for my 40 Buick sedan and wow does this thing work. It looks like a foot long piece of cellophane tape with squiggly lines in it and the standard radio type cord. I taped it to the backside of the glove box. Talk about power and clear reception for about $14 on amazon. And no brackets to build or holes to drill.

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