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Re-covered center console looking good


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Thought I'd share a quick photo of the freshly re-covered ginger console on my '89 TC 16V.  This was the thing that bothered me the most and made the car look aged; the original was severely cracked.  A local upholstery shop did a decent job, not perfect, but a notable improvement.  I got the leather from the seatback panels of a TC being parted out down in VA (thanks Ken Gignac, who also sold me an umbrella).  Also thanks to TwinCamFan's post a few years ago pointing me towards the seatback panels as a way to get matching leather.  Have had a great summer driving the TC, still only 45k miles on her.  Cooling off here in Michigan so will be looking for winter storage soon.  Or may put her up for sale as I have my eyes on an '89 Conquest.





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