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Trico wiper cable routing.. 53 pontiac

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I don't have a picture, but I suspect that the routing of the cables is probably the same as my '51 Buick.  The Buick service manual has this description of the cable routing: "When connecting the transmission cables to the drive shaft lever, attach the right hand end of the cable to the upper end of the drive shaft lever, and attach the left hand end to lower end of lever.  Pass the right hand loop of cable over the upper pulley on cable tensioner and pass the left hand loop over the lower pulley.  While holding cables in pulleys, apply slight pressure to cable tensioner ratchet spring and rotate pulley support plate to remove pressure from temporary locking pin which will then fall out of holes.  Slowly release pulley support plate until cables are tight, then release ratchet spring.  CAUTION: Do not let pulleys snap against cables.



PS  I found this list of parts and illustrations in the parts manual.  It doesn't show the routing, but the pictures of the named parts might help understanding the instructions above.



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