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1950 Buick Convertible

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I recently aquired a 1950 Convertible in poor condition and started the restoration process.  I have replaced the floors, new uplostery and carpet. I may have a bad valve as I have 95-100 psi in 7 cylinders and 75 psi in #4.

My biggest problem is I don't have the rods in the top to lock down the top to the windshield.  Does any one have a source for those? I am stumped.

Sorry, it is a straight 8, standard transmission.

Thanks in advance for any help for Lucy and me!

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Here’s what I tried to send you before I ran into problems posting on this Forum.


Knowing for certain that the sliding-rod locking mechanism needs work, you will need to remove the convertible top fabric first from the front roof-rail. Keep in mind that once you remove the top fabric, re-stretching the fabric back into position could be challenging for a top-shop. Time for a new top?


You need to open-up the front roof-rail by separating the top-half from the bottom-half by drilling-out the two-dozen or so spot welds around its perimeter. Once you open up the two-halves, you will be able to see exactly what went haywire and what you have to deal with. The mechanism can't be too complicated and it sounds like your son has the metal-fab skills required to complete the job.


Good luck.


Al Malachowski

BCA #8965

“500 Miles West of Flint”




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Thanks for the input.  I was hoping I could handle this by opening up the front roof rail and work from there.  The top is in poor but usable condition.  I am afraid if I go down the "top removal" path I will have to have a new top made!!

Are you saying removing the top fabric is the only way to proceed?

I am not sure why this thread was moved to this forum, as it is technical in nature.

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Convertible top update: We have been fighting with the rods on the top of Lucy ('50) for weeks and several people on this forum have given us helpful info, but it seemed that the only solution was to open up the front of the top and proceed. I wasn't comfortable with that as the top is old and in poor shape. My son has a bore scope and suggested we try looking in the front section and see what we could see. Lo and behold, inside are the missing rods, back beyond sight.  The operating mechanism that moves the rods from side to side would only spin in place, but not in and out.  We decided that everything was rusted in place and we had nothing to loose soaking everything with penetrating oil.  After a day and several applications things were still not moving, so I got pissed and grabbed the pivoting arm with vise grips and gave it a tug!  It popped out and the rods showed themselves.  We folded the top up and secured it.  Problem solved.  Thanks for everybodys patience.

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