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Buick compound carburetion (factory) for the smaller Buick inline eight cylinder. Bought this at a swap meet 40 years ago when I could pick it up and carry it under one arm. 40 years later, I cannot pick it up, so will not ship. You pick it up in Eldon, Missouri (located 30 miles SW of Jefferson City on US Hwy 54). I bought it with the intention of restoring and reselling (I have specialized in multiple carb sets for 50 years), but never got around to it; so selling as is. Two of our carburetor rebuildings kits are included in the price.

Unit appears to be complete, dirty, rusty, and stuck. Unit has been in inside storage (metal building, concrete floor) since I bought it. Note all fuel fittings, air cleaner, both intake AND exhaust manifolds all are included. Unit will be sold as is, inspect to your satisfaction when you arrive.

Carbs are factory Stromberg (both Carter and Stromberg were used by Buick).

573-392-7378 (9-12, 1-4 Mon-Tues central time) to discuss.

When you pick it up, we can accept cash, VISA, or MasterCard.


Price - $850. in Eldon, Missouri.

No offense, but no checks, or money orders.

You will receive an invoice from The Carburetor Shop.

I apologize for only one picture, but as stated above, I can no longer lift this item.



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