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Blue grease type for top pull down motor?

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Hello all,

I'm repairing the top pull-down motor assembly (again). I did this years ago when I replaced the gear that stripped out, but the housing was a bit cracked. It worked for a bit, but then stripped the gear a bit again, and the crack got worse. We tried to repair the housing, but still not great. So, now, I'm replacing the housing with the new nylon version from the parts store and replacing the gear again as well. Already got the new housing and gear, but can't remember what grease we used the last time we repaired this? I know it's that baby-blue colored grease like the original was, but can't remember what type it was, and I know color isn't always an indicator of what the grease-type really is. What is the best type to use for this assembly with the clear plastic gear and the new nylon housing?

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