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New Pertronix coils don't work in 28 Studebaker President- why?


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after testing the coils for my 1928 Studebaker President (straight eight, twin 6V coils), my new friend Edinmass found them "shot", couldn't believe the car would start and run with them (92yr old originals!).

I got a set of Pertronix "Flame-throwers", and with the choice of 1.5ohm or 3.0ohm resistance, some "Q&A" made me think 3.0ohm was better, "if it even mattered".

(strangely, they don't say whether 12V or 6V, though I was searching for 6V. Does it matter?).


PROBLEM: replaced the coils yesterday, excited to see if it solved my "drive for a mile and it dies" problem.   WOULD NOT START! ;-(    Pulled plug to check for spark, IT STARTED.  Put plug back in, no start.   Took a 2nd plug out (check other coil), and IT STARTED.   Put it back, no start.   Pulled all eight plugs just to check that all were sparking, and they were.  Put them back in, no start.  DID NOTICE that very weak spart with our 'typical check" of shorting screwdriver from plug to the head.    Removed one plug again (crazy, but only time it would start), this time no start.   
Finally, wondering if 'bad coil(s)', took my Model-A Ford's coil and substituted for ONE of the Pertronix;  she started up at the first touch of starter (albeit rough, only one 'good' coil).  AND, the tried-and-true screwdriver method gave MUCH brighter spark to the cylinder head.


What the heck is wrong with my new Pertronix coils?   They don't even offer a choice of voltage, and 1.5ohm vs 3.0ohm doesn't seem like an issue for a non-electronic ignition system like an old Stude.

Only reason I didn't simply buy a set of 6V coils at NAPA was all they had were too large a diameter to fit the mounting bezels I found for the firewall.   What do I order instead?  (and anyone need some scratched up but brand new Pertronix #40511 coils? 😞  Doubt they will accept returns; $35/each.....)


I have to be missing something simple (or the statistically improbable chance Pertronix sent two bad coils; I doubt it).



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Pertronix  data says that 40511 coils will not work with a points ignition system and are are for electronic systems only.  They also state that .06 to 1.5 is the correct ohm for 8 cylinder engines.  3 ohm is for 6 cylinders.           It looks like 45011 is the one you should have.      https://www.speedwaymotors.com/Pertronix-45011-Flame-Thrower-II-Ignition-Coil-6-Volt-0-6-Ohm,20866.html  


Edit:   Reading Speedways blab I'm not sure this one would work either.  I would contact Pertronix and ask them.

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Go to Autozone (Duralast brand), O Rilleys, or NAPA and get a coil for a 1954 Chevrolet Belair 6 cylinder car  - sorry I do not have the part number handy, but I think it was a C809, but that was the project late yesterday afternoon and I had to go about 20 miles to the next autozone, but project is done and they were 21 dollars and change each after tax. 

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