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Ford Jeeps built during WWII

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Well, it's a Ford product and until the A.A.C.A. puts a "Military Vehicle" group for your specific interest, I can't see why not. There are two in my town and one has just about every type of gear, from machine guns to a radio. Great Jeep, do you have any history on it, I like the Kilroy was here cartoon.

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This Jeep has an original data plate on it that says it was manufactured in May of 1945.  I do not believe it saw any service during the war, most likely surplused after the war. It was frame up restored in 2006 in Milwaukee. I acquired it in 2008 and added the missing components such as foot rests, original first aid kit, original fire extinguisher, etc..  This Jeep is complete with the exception of an original jack & winch.  I named it Mighty Mouse and added the Kilroy cartoon as well.  It is currently for sale.


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I thought the only Ford GP's were made in 1941 as prototypes.   I heard that Bantam, Ford & Willy's all made 1500 in an attempt to get the Gov't contract.

Willy's won.   Any corrections?

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