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The world's costliest car in 1930...


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In 1930 a custom Brunn bodied Town Car was built for the Reza Shah (King) of Persia by the Pierce-Arrow Motor Car Company of Buffalo NY.  George H Woodfield, who had been employed by Brunn & Co Coachbuilders, but loaned to Studebaker, designed this custom automobile. Originally painted white with 24k gold plated brightwork, the car had custom crowns embedded with semi-precious jewels on both rear doors and in the rims above the fender mounted headlights. The interior featured champagne colored silk upholstery, inlaid satin wood trim and wolfhound fur rugs on the floor. The rear seats were embroidered with the Persian crown. The total bill came to approx. $30,000 dollars.  At that time it was billed as "The worlds costliest car." At some point in the car's history, it was repainted blue with black fenders and sidemounts were added. This car currently is on display in the National Car Museum in Tehran, Iran.   

brunnpierce 003.jpg



shah Pierce-ArrowLimousine.jpg




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They made two lap robes with the crest of the royal family on them, Herman Brunn kept one, and it passed on down to his daughter. I purchased it from her in the late 1980’s and it’s now part of my lap robe collection, which includes the FDR presidential robe, and a bunch of interesting others. I’m up to about forty robes now...........and still looking!



The car was parked in the window at the flagship  Pierce dealership in Buffalo for well over a week. Sometime before the car was shipped out, it was removed from the window as it caused a traffic accident with injuries because of people rubber necking while driving. Here is a photo of the dealership today.


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It became a Cadillac dealership for many years........back in 03, the building was sold, and was being turned into a bank, and a bunch of Pierce Arrows were brought back in and photographs were taken. My guess is the shot I’d from that weekend. I was there, but don’t remember the cars inside except the 34 Brunn V-12 Town Car.

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1 hour ago, alsancle said:

This car was covered in the Pierce Arrow thread.    Maybe the homeliest car built in 1930 as well as most expensive.

It’s a great car.....and I think it’s good looking. I’ll pay for your flight to Tehran so you can inspect it in person. I want you to deliver a package of spare parts to them for me. 🤔

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26 minutes ago, JimKB1MCV said:

Ed, maybe some cleaning supplies in the Tehran-bound box as well?



Maybe fifty copies of the King James Bible........then I get to keep all of AJ's toys!

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