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1924 Dodge Touring Steering Box Adjustment

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Before jumping to the steering box you need to go over the other parts of the steering system. Kingpins, wheel bearings, tie rod ends, drag link, worn balls, loose steering pitman arm, toein etc. In other words, what is the condition of the rest of the steering related parts? If the the parts are good or replaced I would suggest checking the toein first.

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Good advice.  Look there first. Wear in the steering box will manifest itself as excessive slack at the wheel rim.  Wear in the worm can be taken up by rotating the eccentric bush  to adjust mesh with the sector.  If this results in tight spots the worm can be rotated after removing the pitman arm.  The top and bottom bushes may also be worn.  Replacements can be turned up and line reamed to size.  Clear details on adjustments are provided in the Book of Information.   

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