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1929 Pierce-Arrow engine and body parts

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The rear end is not Pierce Arrow car..........looks like early 20’’s three ton truck. Engine missing carb and distributor.....manifolds are poor at best........with the engine open to the weather there is not much value there. Transmission is 29 only, and a straight cut gear crash box......very little demand. Front axel is 1929 or 1930 three shoe set up. Driveshaft is 29-30. Steering column is 29-30 and may have some value if not rusty inside......which from the looks of the upper hub section it probably has water in it. If the parts were kept inside, and dry with the normal greasy covering there might be a bit of interest. Not trying to rain on your parade........just demand for 29 parts .......like most other parts, has fallen off a cliff the past five years.

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The best place to list it is the Pierce Arrow Society website. If your not a member, let me know, and I can send you the info to join, It’s a dedicated club and it’s where you are most likely to sell it. Since it’s so heavy, your best bet is a local sale if possible.

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