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1955 Roadmaster Stainless Gravel Guards for sale (maybe)

Michael CPA

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i am currenfly negotiating with a metal fabricator to make me a pair of 1955 Roadmaster gravel guards from Stainless Steel.  They are willing to make a permanent mold and provide discounts for volume.  Volume meaning at least 10.  I am not certain about the cost but i suspect they will be at least 1,200 a pair but definitely less than 1,800.  These would be stainless and will last longer than your car.  I am using my current pitted ones as a mold. In addition to the gravel guards, you would get a free auto-cad of the guards if you want to make them yourself in the future 


PM me if you would be interest or call 404-556-5209.  I really need a commitment for at least 10 to get the price low. Thanks. Michael

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