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'69 riviera colour 'Copper Mist' - same as '71?


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Hi, I've been trying to find some pictures of a 1969 in the colour copper mist.  From what I can see the colour was only offered in 69 and 71.  Does anyone know if the 69 and 71 'copper mist' colour is the same?  


I can only find one example of a copper mist 69 on the internet, and it seems it was a re-spray. Does anyone own one in this colour and willing to share some pictures?? 


My 69 GS project was originally copper mist colour, but it was sprayed over in the 80s.   I want to go back to the original colour. Where can I figure out the paint code to order this colour? Also is there any record of how many cars were made in each colour?


Thanks a bunch guys and gals!

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There are websites that will tell you the part number for colors for different years for the same make.  If the part numbers are the same,then you know that the colors are the same.  Conversly,once you find the part number, you can cross reference that color to other makes and models, and see what the name was for that year.

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