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the issue is because there is a freewheeling unit that has been removed and left by-pass holes it leeks out no mater what you do also between bearings     liquid just does not stay in the case long enough or high enough and the material is soo think you can barely scrap with finger nail

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16 hours ago, plymouthcranbrook said:

I would probable try lacquer thinner first.  I have never dealt with oil that has crystallized but have had some success softening up hard grease with thinner  

This is what has work for me for 40 years. I have soak tanks with a lid filled with used lacquer thinner from washing out paint spray guns and soaking carburetors.  Have yet to find any old oil or grease it doesn't loosen after a few days soaking.



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I've always been a fan of kerosene first and if that wasn't working well, acetone. The primary problem with acetone is volatility; one little splash on an outlet will cause an immediate flash.  Been there, done that. These days I put tape over close-by outlets when using acetone.

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