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1981 Riviera All or Parts


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1981 Riviera, cream with tan vinyl top and tan leather interior. Has some of the fancier options like sunroof, power reclining seat, telescopic steering wheel (but it's broken), etc. The car is nice enough that I originally had intended on fixing it up, but I ended using some small pieces off of it to keep my 1984 on the road. It has a siezed 307 engine, a broken collumn (from previous theft), some heavy surface rust (but no holes), and no key. The car is in western Washington state and has a clear WA title. The car is still mostly complete, but I may take the front seats. I will sell with the seats for $250, or without seats for $200. I am also willing to part out. I have a few pictures that I can email.

You can reply here or email me at: greystoneacademy@yahoo.com

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