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Would the ABS unit and accessories from 89 Olds 98 be the same as 89 Reatta?


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Since the master cylinder seldom goes bad,  I usually only get the pump assembly.  By removing one mounting screw, disconnect the high pressure line to the booster and disconnecting the electrical connectors and hose from the resevour ...you get the accumulator, pump housing,   pump motor, and pressure switch..... in one package.  

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Barney hit the nail on the head.

Don't bother with the whole system but absolutely get the pump/motor, pressure switch and accumulator.

The accumulator will probably be not too good but the pressure switches and pump/motors are getting hard to find and are identical to the '89-90 Reattas. "88 pumps were different and only fit '88s but again the pressure switches are good to have a spare and who knows, maybe the accumulator will be OK.

There is a test to check on how good an accumulator is.


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On 9/21/2020 at 8:38 AM, padgett said:

OTOH if the wheel sensors are there, i'd grab all four of those also. Even if the rubber is cracked or missing, liquid electrical tape works well.

On Padgett"s advice I tried liquid electrical tape on a particularly bad (cracks and gaps in the rubber insulation) front wheel sensor cable.

Not pretty but it works.😊


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