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192? Buick Frame

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Hi everyone -


I have an old Buick frame that belonged to my dad that he had for many years but I forgot what he told me the frame was from. I believe it is from the 1920’s but hoping that you can help identify what it is. I have attached a few photos.


The well base is 122 inches. The wheels are 21” across and have 12 wooden spokes. There are exterior brakes on all 4 axles. Wooden running boards and a huge differential. The ID tag is still on the frame. See photo. The number is 1506941.


Any ideas what this frame is from?













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Any idea what body style this would fit on?  I have a 25 Buick model 25-24 roadster and the frame is smaller on the roadster so I know it doesn’t fit that. Also my understanding its not for a truck since it has 4 wheel brakes and the trucks only had rear brakes when they stop manufacturing trucks. It’s a large frame and rear end so its HD. Perhaps an ambulance or bus?

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    Your chassis plate starting with 150 tells me that it is 1926 as the 1926 Master engine numbers started with 145  1927 started with 169.  

21" wheels started in 1926

6 acorn nuts on the rear axle says it is a Master.  

120" wheelbase says Master

The Brake adjustment with nuts on both sides of the adjuster started in 1926.

For Buick models 40, 44, 45, and 47. 

Should be applicable to Buick Master 1926 and 1927 



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Hi Hugh -


That’s awesome! The frame seems to be in pretty good shape, not much rust,  and except for the missing transmission and engine is complete. I kept it in case there is anyone doing a restoration that needs a frame.


I don’t think any of the parts would fit my 25 roadster so if there is anyone out there doing a restoration and needs a 26 or 27 Master frame let me know. It’s pretty heavy so the shipping costs may not be worth the trouble...




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