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Lost Photos 48 LIn V12

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When I was dismantling the engine I took a lots of photos of each part I removed  I saved them to a  external Jump Drive.  I am now starting to install these parts and now find out I am unable to review these photos. 

 I will attach a photo of each part as I am installing it hoping someone has a picture of this part. 


The first one is on the rear of the engine were there are three holes, and  if my memory serves me there were brass connectors which I believe are for the oil lines.



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Yes the vertical hole feeds oil to oil gauge sender unit, the hole directly below supplies oil to input of oil filter usually at bottom thru internal restrictor. The third hole to the left   supplies oil to   hydraulic lifters from outlet on side of  oil filter. Usually all steel pipe and brass fittings. Looks like those threads could do with a clean out.  

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I will be asking more questions on were parts and connections are to be made as I continue to install this engine. My question this time is after installing the fuel line I am not sure as to were it is to be routed to be joined to the fuel pump. 


Photos would be appreciated.

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