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Perry Mason cars again


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FETV shows PM in the afternoons so I often watch (and the remnants of Sally have prevented doing much else today). Season 2 episode 25 from mid-late 1959 opened with a 1959 Ford Country Sedan wagon and a couple scenes later a 60 Thunderbird. Later, a 59 Continental 4d hardtop with a 55 Olds in background. Perry driving a 59, possibly 60 Cad convertible. One character ran a filling station and was seen several times working on a 40s car which I couldn't ID.


You have to wonder if people 50 years from now will watch old TV and movies to see cars from 2020.

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I was very surprised by a" stock footage " scene in an episode I saw a couple of months ago.  It was I think City Hall or a similar building and was very old. If you paused it and had a good look there were

late 1920's / early 1930's cars in the parking lot. They were quite small as it was a distance shot but a far older piece of film than the show.  I guess whoever edit's the show figured that no one would notice

during the 3 or 4 seconds the clip was onscreen.



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