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1930 Dodge 4 dr convertible

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Don't expect to hear any word back from FCA, especially with interest to purchasing it. Remember, they closed down the Walter P. Chrysler Museum in Sterling Heights a few years ago, claiming it was too expensive to operate, and I doubt they want to add their current historical vehicle collection.



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Agreed. Limited market in RHD countries: UK, Australia, New Zealand to Dodge fanatics. 


Not worth a lot. And not worth the cost of shipping. A basic car in reasonable used condition needing restoration or drive as is. Will not fund the families retirement. Old does not mean valuable.


If it was Ford it would be worth more to hot rodders.


As above FCA Fiat Chrysler will have zero interest. Its a basic car.


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3 hours ago, Craig Gillingham said:

I thought this maybe in India, or somewhere in the subcontinent. If this is the case, I would have thought it would be worth more locally.

Good point.   Pranay may be an Indian name.

Exporting old cars from India is difficult (being polite!)

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