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32 PB Trans

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  In your PM you mentioned that you were having trouble getting the freewheeling unit off.  I have a 1932 Dodge Brothers DL, so there may be differences in our transmissions, but maybe this will help.  My car was one of the first DLs built in December 1931 and has the first style of freewheeling clutch used, so it may be the same as yours.


Here is my transmission and freewheeling unit out of the car and with the top of the tranny removed.  The top comes off by removing the six bolts and lifting the part straight up.  The gearshift and the emergency brake parts have obviously been removed. along with the driveshaft yoke that must be removed with a puller.




I took off the the piece that holds the rear seal in the freewheeling unit, but it may not be necessary to remove the unit, it just gave me a chance to see what was under there.  it's held on by three bolts, one of which has already been removed in this shot.  You can also see two of the five studs that hold the freewheeling unit to the transmission.  The nuts have already been taken off.




As I said above, the freewheeling unit on the back of the transmission is removed by taking the nuts off the five studs.  Some of my studs came out with the nuts attached, but it doesn't make any difference.


Now the freewheeling unit is ready to be removed.  HOWEVER, DO NOT TRY TO PULL THE UNIT OUT UNTIL YOU REMOVE THE SPEEDOMETER GEAR!  This is very important, as pulling the freewheeling unit out with the gear in place will destroy the gear and jam the unit in place.  You can see the gear housing in the upper right of the picture above - the threaded cylinder.  The gear just pulls straight out.


Now you can slide the freewheeling unit off the back of the transmission.  It may take a few taps and a bit of wiggling, but it will come off - as long as you removed the speedo gear.




Notice the spring in this shot.  Watch out, it can go flying as you pull the unit off.




This is what it looks like after the freewheeling unit is off.  The gear visible on the shaft simply slides off.  Make a note of it's orientation as you don't want to put it on backwards during reassembly.  The round casting with the arm behind the gear is attached to a shaft that is moved by a lever on the transmission itself.  The round opening is where the spring I mentioned above fits in.  The lever moves the gear forward and back to engage and disengage the freewheeling.  The spring  holds it in tension, always pushing it toward the transmission until the lever overrides it and pushes it away (if that makes any sense).  It's been awhile, but I'm pretty sure the casting just pulls off the shaft, but there my be a lock nut holding it on.




With the gear and the casting off, you can remove the round plate on the back of the transmission and access the bearing,






I hope this gets you started.  Let me know what else you need to see and I'll be glad to post it.  I took my transmission completely apart and have pictures of everything.










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If you go to my thread The Resurrection Of Daphne - A 1932 DL in the Dodge and Dodge Brothers section...


Near the end of page 19 I detail the rebuilding of my transmission and freewheeling unit.  It's covered over several pages.  It should tell you everything you need to know about the process.  Let me know if you need anything else.


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