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A little 1940 luck 2day!

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20170708_090020.thumb.jpg.4093eeeceb7262d7ff8888c844334fe3.jpg20200915_132701.thumb.jpg.3eda1d15cc9f5c53f3bec8f2f12be486.jpgFactory bumper guards really trip my trigger. Specially the rear fold down. Fairly easy repair on the stainless trim between grilles. Gettin kinda tuff comin across those. Ornament has a chip, but adequate and shiny till my ship comes in! Gotta watch spelling there. Edit to read; cheap insurance using the front grille guard. As can be seen in the first photo, that bent front vertical stainless trim is an example of expensive front damage potential. Back in the day these were obviously great "push bumpers", once you got the one with this on it runnig, the others could be push started rather than calling the tow truck driver! Cracked diecast grilles and smashed flat stainless were the result of the front taller bumper guard flexing enuff to not only go under the rear bumper being pushed, but getting hooked together and resulting chaos of then rocking back & forth attempting to unhook! Entertaining for me as a kid. Blue in the air for adult participants! Heehee

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