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A 1936 Chevy woodie wagon - hope to learn more about my car

John kiernan

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Hi Tom, thanks for the info on Walt’s article 

the photos I submitted are 25 years old, the car has been stored over 40 years out of the weather so the wood has maintained well. My father disassembled and had some wood work done at a local shop in Melbourne Fl (answer to your question) I live north east of Orlando, Geneva.

he restored frame and has the body back on, there’s a lot remaining to be completed as I said his health failed and didn’t get to see his project through. I helped grandma some on his phaeton in the 80s but was working on a 65 Chevelle for myself at his place north west NJ. (Stillwater)

have some old photos to share. Me on the milk crate 1982 is the Córdoba tan phaeton I have now. The Chevelle is shoe horned next to the woodie in my barn. I am working on closing in my shop so those two projects can be moved in.





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My dad passed away and my mom has a 1936 Woody. My dad restored it and my mom has some pics of the process. Someone asked me where the wood came from and I have no idea. We haven't found the Cambell built tag yet. My mom thinks my dad took it off during the course of restoration, so I have an 8,000 sq ft building full of cars and car parts to go through to try and find it. Does anyone know what it's worth? I had an appraiser tell me he thought the FMV was $190,000.00 but a guy flew in to look at it and told me the appraiser was nuts since we haven't found that tag. The guy also mentioned the wood was different or not stamped, I don't remember. Does anyone know anything about this model. We have several cars and my mom doesn't know about them and I don't know anything other than what google tells me. It may be on the episode of American Pickers that we were on but I'm not sure. https://www.history.com/shows/american-pickers/season-22/episode-3






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a10moore, did you see the vintage advertisement for Cantrell posted on the first page of this thread? Your car looks very similar to the one in the ad. In 1936, a wood station wagon was not part of Chevrolet's product line. Cantrell and Campbell were companies that built station wagon bodies of their own design on Chevrolet car chassis. Chevrolet dealers advertised for these companies so they could sell a chassis. Your car looks even more similar to the pictures  posted by the original poster of this thread. 


What does FMV mean? 

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