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Looking for pictures of a Pittsburgh Six

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No, not the Steelers front line.

The Pittsburg Six was made from 1909 to 1911 by the Fort Pitt Motor Manufacturing Company in New Kensington and Pittsburg, PA.

i have a headlight or perhaps an accessory spot light that I want to donate to the Frick Car and Carriage Museum in Pittsburgh. In order to create some sort of display, we need a picture of a Pittsburgh Six. There is a blurry line drawing on the internet, but we need a real photograph. Please check your library of obscure American automobiles and let me know if you find anything. Thanks!




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I have had this exact light for years. I picked it up at a swap meet 25 years ago.

I have done a bit of research and do not believe they were standard equipment on any car. 

The Pittsburgh Six auto company quit building cars before electric lights. 

There does seem to be a connection between the car manufacturer and the accessories manufacturer but I have never

been able to confirm.


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I think Dennis is right, 1911 was gas and kerosene, not electric. Your lamp looks like the typical late teens through mid 20’s accessory side lamp made to clamp onto a variety of cars especially Model T Fords. Searching for it in accessories catalogs would be illuminating...

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I think the idea that the light comes after the demise of the car is correct. The Fort Pitt Motor Manufacturing Company was reformed at least twice- then fades from view. What is puzzling is why this light was inscribed with “Pittsburgh Six”. Was it a reference to the defunct car; or did one of these companies branch out into automobile lighting. Still a puzzle.

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