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AB&G parts and hospitality

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  Was looking for some parts recently for my 65. Did some searching and Gene at AB&G kept popping up so, gave him a call. He said he had whatever I needed and then some. He is in Pennsylvania, I'm in Kentucky (he said he wouldn't hold that against me). That's where I got the car so, road trip again. 10 or so hours later we made it (wife and I). 

 First thing he asked did you eat? and fixed us sandwiches. 

 Can't say enough good things about Gene, he was great and he did have everything I needed and then some at a great price. I don't think there are enough cars out there to use all the parts he has. It was really overwhelming. I told him my problem is my line between want and need can get rather blurry. So we loaded the pickup with parts.

  And besides the parts he was great to talk to about these cars. I haven't been messing with these cars as long as some around here (about 10 years) so his knowledge was welcome. I think he said he's been gathering parts for over 30 years, and it shows. 

  So, if anyone needs parts (anything) give him a shout. If nothing else you might learn something.

  Thanks again Gene, Joey

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Gotta love AB&G!  (Gene, sorry to talk about you like you're not sitting right there, but it's all good.)    I've gotten great parts & conversation from him for years. As you may know, his Pop was a WWII war hero, so he comes from good stock. In RivWorld he is definitely one of my heroes....& now that he's properly buttered up maybe he'll give me a break on my next order. Just thinking about all those Riv parts makes me drool more than I normally do. I actually offered myself up for adoption several years ago, hoping to inherit some of that wealth, but as I remember Gene wasn't interested. He reminded me that I was probably older than him anyway.  


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X4 - Gene is a legend in his own time in the Riviera world. Class Act all the way.  He's been around supporting ROA since I joined in 86. Countless cars have been put back on the road over the years because of his knowledge and massive parts inventory. 

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I’ve been working on my car for 8 years…I’ve been documenting my steps here the whole time & combing thru the threads here to learn…I don’t know how I didn’t hear about Gene until months ago…super nice guy 👍🏼


I learned that his Veteran dad was portrayed in the mini-series “Band of Brothers”. Heart wrenching series…I had asked Gene to thank his father for his sacrifice…but he told me his father was no longer around 😢


I’ve been recommending Gene to everyone I know who needs parts ever since


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Thanks Ed. It was great experience for me hanging with my dad as he went everywhere because of the Band Of Brothers. We went everywhere in the world and I couldn't believe how famous my dad become. There is a video on U tube where my dad and Babe where on the stage as surprised guests for Tom Hanks AFI award. My mom died in 1997 so I fulled in as his companion. He had two statues made of him. None of this phased him at all. He remained the same and went too many schools to talk to children. My daughter took him to bring a guest to school many times. He came to many Riviera shoots and had two 64 Rivs for many years. I posted a few pics. Thank you for your interest. Gene  






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