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Vintage Mopar Ignition Parts - USA Made Quality!

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There are three (3) different items listed below, and then pictures are after the listings. Quality USA made parts priced to sell. Thanks for looking!


Two (2) double sets of P&D p/n AU 18-28H ignition points. Each box contains two sets of points. Quality USA-made points at about the same price as current Chinese-made points. All four sets of points for $30 plus USPS shipping. Message me on this forum if interested or have questions.

Fit the following:

With dual-point distributors:

   Chrysler V8 1951-1958

   DeSoto V8 1952-1956 (maybe 1957 also?)

   Dodge V8 1953-1955; 1957; 1965-1971 273 & 340 only

   Plymouth V8 1955-1957 (maybe 1958 also?); 1965-1971 273 & 240 only

With single-point distributors:

   Chrysler Windsor V8 1956

   DeSoto V8 1956

   Dodge V8 1956

   Plymouth V8 1956



One (1) AutoLite Breaker Plate assembly, p/n IGS-3004, another quality-made USA product. $30 plus USPS shipping cost. Message me on this forum if interested or have questions.

Fits the following:


   1939 S6 Canada


   1939 D11, D12, D13 Canada

Dodge Truck:

   1939 TC Series (T68) with IGS distributor except IGS-4102C-2

   1939 TD Series (T70 & T72) with IGS distributor except IGS-4102C-2

   1940 DB2 Series (T96) Canada except IGS-4108-1 distributor

   1940 VC Series (T92) except IGS-4107A-1 distributor

   1940 VD Series (T94 & T96) IGS-4101B-1 distributor

   1940 VF, VFA, VM, VMA, VR, VRA, VS, VSA series with IGS-4108B-1 distributor

   1940 VG, VGA, VH, VHA Series with IGS-4108C-1 distributor


   1939 P7, P8

   1939 P7, P8 Canada

   1940 P9, P10

   1941 P11, P12



One (1) set of AutoLite ignition points, p/n IGW-3028DS, quality made USA product. Fits 1950-1957 Dodge truck, see below for specific applications.  $8 plus USPS shipping cost. Message me on this forum if interested or have questions.

Fits the following:

1950 thru 1957 Dodge trucks with IAY distributors



P&D Point Sets --



Breaker Plate Assembly --



Dodge Truck Point Set:


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