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16" chevy pickup wheels

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I have two 16" x 5" pickup 6 lug wheels. Three wider hubcap clips each ( a bit wider than the clips of the 1940s I think. Non riveted, so post tubeless introduction I think. $20 each plus UPS if they need to be sent. I will take some pictures and send them direct if anyone is interested.  In New Hampshire.



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bullrun ; Skipping  one hole 4 3/4"


prewar hotrods; no safety beads, if you mean the bead that snugs the inside of the tire bead.


I hosed them off and took some pictures this AM. PM me your email address for pictures.


I noticed one wheel has pitting, I would use it for a spare, the other should clean up nice. I bead blast my own down to bare metal when I bring another wheel into service. Worth the effort. These do have rivets so may not be tubeless.  Jim43

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