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1929 Dodge Wiring Question

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I have a 1929 DB Sedan that had wiring issues when I bought it. I will have to re-wire everything under the hood. Removed the light switch on the bottom of the steering wheel and the horn button assembly. Now I'm putting them back together. Since the horn wire coming out of the bottom of the steering wheel was not connected when I got the car, and the wiring diagram is not very clear on where this wire gets connected, I was wondering if anyone out there can give me an idea of what it's supposed to connect to.

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Yes, Do a search for Clum Switch wiring . Depends on your switch number . Do in DB section first . Most near same . First test wire most are bad that's why there disconnected . They get twisted to and fo in column and wear thur . It should ground only when button pushed . So ground while turning wheel . It is replaceable . It will hook to terminal that is not number 1 (main power )  but returns from horn .

  Good luck .

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