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Wanted Please. 1922 Buick 4 Fuel (Gas Cap) cap.

David Marshall

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I am unable to find a 1922 Buick 4 Fuel cap (maybe called a gas cap in the USA) please.  The neck of the gas tank (Petrol tank) has a very fine thread inside it.  I'm only guessing but the petrol cap would screw into it and it will be vented I think.

I am more than happy to pay for it and postage to New Zealand.  I also don't have photo of what it looks like so if anyone is able to post a picture it would be greatly appreciated.  We have a swap meet in October provided we don't go back to lockdown with this covid19.  Currently we are able to have the meet so I could look for one there also, if I knew what it looked like.

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    The following photos from my friends 1923-39.  May not have had ears on all caps.  His note says  "It was on the car when I got it, so as far as I know it is original to the car.     It measures about 2.19” I.D.  on the treads, 18 TPI."    Hugh



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That might be another period replacement 28-29 Ford radiator cap.   Thread size is 2-1/4"-18, and measures 2.19 on the inside.

Below is a comparison of original Ford nickeled brass cap and a replacement. 

If your gas filler neck is the same size & pitch, and you decide to use a Ford cap, a vent hole will have to be drilled and baffle plate added.  Original Ford A parts are widely available on e-bay, so don't spend too much on one.


gas cap top view.jpg

gas cap side view.jpg

gas cap bottom view.jpg

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Hi Kevin,


              I'm the fellow who has the 23-39 Buick, with the gas cap in the photos.   When Hugh saw my photos, he said it looked like a cap from a Model A .    I was convinced when he said so, and with your note - I'm more sure.    I have no idea why, way back in my car's history, somebody would change from the original cap with the mickey mouse ears,   unless it was lost somewhere along the way.      I'd like to find a correct one.   Maybe in time.    Thanks for your post and photos.



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